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4 hour Japanese Taiko drum & Shukunegi experiences

隅田 ひとみ

Local Licensed Guide Interpreter
4 Hours
Japanese, English


Let's try to play Japanese Taiko drums with the staff of Kodo drummers in the Sado Taiko Center surrounded by beautiful nature. Then, we'll go by local bus to Shukunegi village which is beloved by many visitors. Let's enjoy a tub boat ride, and we'll walk around the preserved historical village and Ogi Folk Museum where we can see a fully-restored Large woodenfreight ship from 1800s.


12:30 Meet at the Shuknegi bus stop.
12:40 Ride local bus to the Sado Taiko Center. (about 10 min.)
12:50~ Japanese Taiko drum experience .
13:56 Ride bus back to Shukunegi.
    Tub boat riding experience.
    Walk around Shukunegi Village and the Ogi Folk Museum.
16:30 Tour ends at the Shukunegi bus stop.


/ Per group
Price up to 6 people


Please contact me in advance by email to book your tour.
This tour fee is only for guide fee. Please have cash ready for round-trip bus fare:420JPY, Taiko drum experience:2,200JPY, tub boat ride: 800JPY, museum entrance fee:500JPY, etc.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any requests or questions.